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himedia h8 plus rk3368 root questions

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  • himedia h8 plus rk3368 root questions

    I have a himedia h8 plus. it comes un rooted. the official support page has a download a firmware i can put on o usb stick update to by going into recovery mode and run super user after to achieve root.

    if i do this and decide i no longer want root is it possible to go back?

    since i have not done it yet is there a tool i can use to back up my current firmware and recover directly to it?

    im very savvy but limited tinkering with android thats why im asking all this.

    im pretty sure if i dislike root i can just uninstall super user and flash back to stock firmware from official download.

    im only asking since im new to playing with android.

    on phones and tablets ive used android for a while but never did any rooting or tweeking i just used.