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Beelink i68 firmware WiFi and Bluetooth fix for AP6330 chipset

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    Thanks for answer,but for YT & Streaming you need Wifi,ever tested with local files and WIFI off ?


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      Originally posted by milchmann72 View Post

      but for YT & Streaming you need Wifi
      Youtube and Streaming work fine with my Ethernet Wired Connection. (My Wi-Fi works ... but i prefer Wired because it's Faster and more Reliable)

      You don't seem to understand what the Wi-Fi Fix is fix for .... it's for custom firmware (in my case Zidoo installed on the Beelink)


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        thanks for answer.I understand what it is.But i only wanted to know if there are Stutters in Video when you play it offline.All Connections turned off.


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          Yes, there were intermittent Stutters ... Offline and Online (sometimes once during a 2 hour movie, or sometimes a few times)

          Tried playing a file from internal storage with the box Offline ... no difference, still random stutters.

          Anyways ... now running modded Zidoo Rom on the Beelink i86G, and have not had any Stutters (and the Optical Pass-through seems fixed as well .... ie. no distorted sound)


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            Just found out that the WiFi fix also works with "Android 6.0.1 Marschmallow - Wasser 64bit Firmware for Beelink R68 with Gigabit LAN, WIFI AP6335" on my I68G. .
            Bt is working without any fixes.
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              Hello, Sorry for my english i'm fench.
              I do that and there is no wifi
              ================================================== ==========
              A. WiFi fix using xplorer as root

              TV BOX
              1. Using xplorer (root) open root
              2. Go to /etc/firmware and locate nvram_AP6335.txt
              3. Copy nvram_AP6335.txt to SD card (optional)
              5. Rename nvram_AP6335.txt to nvram_AP6335.txt.orig
              6. Rename nvram_AP6330.txt to nvram_AP6335.txt
              7. Reboot

              I have I68G beelink and v9-5 firmware

              I don't do all the steps, is it necessary ?
              Thank you for your help


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                OP mentions a file explorer named " xplorer (root)". Anyone has any idea which one is it?
                There are many root explorers, but just curious about the one OP mentions.


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                  My files all say Mac is correct, but then in my androids WiFi it states Mac is 02 then all 0s ? Any ideas