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[ROM] Z4 RK3368 - android TV (ATV) for Andoer Z4 - ENY EKB368 - Acemax AK838 - Tronfy X6

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  • Hi I have Himedia h8 box with rk3368 android 5.1
    Can i flash this rom on my device?


    • Hi Ben that firmware link did not work are there any others that may work?


      • Am i only one not being able to install LuckPatcher, error message is app not installed. Sorry if this subject is not allowed and please remove.


        • Guna give it ago on my csa90 aka nexbox n8 I'll let you know how it goes


          • Solved it by installing a APK editor and resigning the apk, thanks to the pointer by Billy141


            • didnt realise there was an ATV ROM available fo rthese boxes! Time to pull it out of storage and dust it off!


              • Just installed this ROM, and I'm so surprised that it actually runs on this old box!

                anyone managed to get sound working with this ROM on the Tronsmart R68? Also, I'm finding internet speeds very slow over WiFi?


                • Originally posted by cOOLio View Post
                  RK3368 Kernel & Kernel Resource Files for my V2.5 BRE ROM

                  To support more RK3368 hardware like WiFi/BT, LAN chips and IR Remote Control

                  Flash resource & kernel files with AndroidTool v2.3x or TWRP Recovery (already included to my V2.5 BRE ROM)

                  IMPORTANT: You always have 1st to flash my full ROM, than just update/flash the resource or kernel files.


                  All resource files are with the same TURBO BOOST 1600 speed setting.
                  KRS Resource Image File Supported[WiFi/BT] Supported Devices
                  KRS_1.2.9a_AP6330_resource.img AP6330 CSA90 (?), ... please test an report
                  KRS_1.2.9b_AP6335_resource.img AP6335 Z4 RK3368, Trosmart Rk3368 Meta, Zidoo x6 pro, Ugoos ut4 (?), ... please test an report
                  KRS_1.2.9c_RTL8723bs_resource.img RTL8723bs Z4L (?), ... please test an report
                  (?) = until now no test report available

                  Additional Note: KRS 1.2.9b is the same as KRS 1.2.8 that is already included to my V2.5 BRE ROM.
                  KRS 1.2.9b has onlyone change. It supports 2 more IR Remote from devices other than the Z4.
                  So there is no need to flash this version to your Z4. Its only to support more IR Remote Control of other boxes.


                  The following RK3368 3.10.0 Kernel are all tested with my ROM V2.5 BRE on my Z4.
                  Rom Starts and the have all nearly the same speed with my ROM V2.5 BRE.
                  Kernels with AP63xx & RTL8xxx support several WiFi/BT chips.
                  Kernel Image File Kernel Info
                  Z4_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img qiachy #22 - 30.03.2016
                  CSA90_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img yangfeihu #60 - 12.09.2015
                  Z4L_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img yangfeihu #28 - 21.11.2015
                  ugoos_ut4_kernel.img serega #15 - 13.10.2016
                  zidoo_x6pro_kernel.img xiaoweihua #12 - 17.02.2016
                  Kernel file Z4_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img is already included to my V2.5 BRE ROM

                  Feel free to mix up those files, to get the best hardware support for your device.

                  Z4 = Z4_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img & KRS_1.2.9b_AP6335_resource.img

                  Test example for a RK3368 box with AP6330
                  1. Flash only KRS_1.2.9a_AP6330_resource.img
                  2. Flash KRS_1.2.9a_AP6330_resource.img & CSA90_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img
                  3. Flash KRS_1.2.9a_AP6330_resource.img & Z4L_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img

                  Test example for a RK3368 box with RTL8723bs
                  1. Flash only KRS_1.2.9c_RTL8723bs_resource.img
                  2. Flash KRS_1.2.9c_RTL8723bs_resource.img & CSA90_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img
                  3. Flash KRS_1.2.9c_RTL8723bs_resource.img & Z4L_AP63xx_RTL8xxx_kernel.img
                  IR Remote Control Keylayout files

                  In case some or all keys of your IR Remote Controller doesn't work, you should check the following!

                  To enable the stock keybord layout file for your IR Remote Control, just copy the file "ff680030_pwm.kl" (see download) of your box to the folder "/system/usr/keylayout/" and overright the existing one. Reboot the box and enjoy the new keylayout file setting.

                  • Do not forget to chmod 0660 the file "ff680030_pwm.kl"
                  • Or use ES File Explorer (RootExplorer) to do so: Mark file (long press) >> More >> Properties >> Permissons [Change]
                    and set it to >> rw- r- r- = (Read: Owner, Group, Other | Write: Owner)

                  Check also this thread to redefine any Keyboard, Gamepad, Remote Control to your own needs.
                  Best Practice Example
                  Box/Device Files to use tested & confirmed
                  Z4 RK3368 box Z4_RK3368-android_TV(ATV)-by_cOOLio-V2.5_BRE.img YES
                  Zidoo X6 Pro Z4_RK3368-android_TV(ATV)-by_cOOLio-V2.5_BRE.img
                  Zidoo keybord layout file (ff680030_pwm.kl)
                  Trosmart Rk3368 Meta Z4_RK3368-android_TV(ATV)-by_cOOLio-V2.5_BRE.img
                  Tronsmart keybord layout file (ff680030_pwm.kl)
                  Ugoos UT4 Z4_RK3368-android_TV(ATV)-by_cOOLio-V2.5_BRE.img
                  Ugoos keybord layout file (ff680030_pwm.kl)
                  not yet
                  Z4L RK3368 Z4_RK3368-android_TV(ATV)-by_cOOLio-V2.5_BRE.img
                  not yet

                  Please be so kind and post your test result, even if it is not working!
                  This will help all others, not me. Thanks

                  KRS Resource, Kernel & Keylayout: Download


                  Thats the best I could give to support your RK3368 AP6330 box. Now it is up to you to test. Much luck!
                  And please give feedback.

                  I found some time to finish up some things I was already working on.
                  To solve your Mele F10 Pro remote. audio issue please flash KRS_1.2.9b_AP6335_resource.img & ugoos_ut4_kernel.img
                  Ive tested it with my Skype USB headset. Works perfect to me. Except the stock IR Remote. But you mentioned it already.

                  Much fun
                  Hey Coolio, great work on this ROM. I see you managed to resolve the audio issues with the Mele controller. I use the Minix Neo A2 remote and have the same proble, audio routing through the remote only, even when I change the settings. I tried flashing the fix for the Mele but having the same issues. Any ideas?


                  • Does this remove HDMI CEC? Can't find it in settings. Thanks