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Tools and Instructions Unbrick

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  • Tools and Instructions Unbrick

    Tools and Instructions for Unbrick from Ugoos

    If you have problems with standard reflashing options, or your device had bricked

    IMPORTANT: users can perform further manipulations only at their own risk, and only if all other reflashing options can’t help.

    This option can help if your device got soft or hard bricked. If you want try to reflash your device for the first time please check THIS article


    What you need:

    Image file

    Host PC

    USB OTG Cable

    Supported host OS: Windows XP (32/64bit) Windows 7 (32/64bit) Windows 8 (32/64bit) Windows 10 (32/64bit)

    The first thing you need is to download the archive with firmware. Inside archive, you find:

    BatchTool or Android Tool - tool for reflashing

    DriverAssitant - tool to install drivers and firmware image file

    Firmware image

    All actions before reflashing are the same with the


    Launch RK DriverAssitant and press “Install Driver”.

    Apply all changes and warnings during installation until finishing message


    Maskrom mode is reflashing way, when you block reading data from NAND using hardware short circuit of NAND pins.

    1. Open device housing and detect NAND (is standalone chip with 48 pins on two sides) on PCBA. In some boxes you also need detached heatsink or cooler in order to reach NAND

    2. Place PCBA in front of you so you can clearly read NAND’s name and board number

    3. You should choose 6th-7th or 7th-8th pin from NAND bottom on the right side or 6th-7th or 7th-8th pin from first pin (first pin is marked on PCBA with a point or ) and circuit it during plugging to Host PC and powering on (check pin sequence for other devices very clearly)

    Ugoos UM3 example

    Ugoos UT3s example

    Ugoos UT4 example

    After circuit and attaching to host PC, Android tool will show you message in progress bar: Found one maskrom device.

    Then start upgrade. The reflashing process should run several steps

    You also can use Batch tool for this action. Device indication should turn blue instead of green for maskrom mode.

    There are photos of several well spread NAND chips and circuit schemas:

    Source: Ugoos
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    trebor is the reason why this sticky is empty because there is no tool to unbrick?

    I've just bricked my RK3288 box...


    • scooter2014
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      Kinda hard to brick these. Post a photo of board and the nan chip and Wi-Fi chip I'll see if we can help once we see those.

      It doesn't get seen in flash tool at all? And how did you brick It?

    • trebor
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      This thread was created in hope that it would get populated with idea's in one central location, but as you see nothing as yet maybe soon....Done

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    Hi ,

    i am in the same Situation , my UT3 bricked , Problems with the IDB Sectors i think , but i am no Pro ,

    has the RK3288 IDB , 4 or 5 Sectors , my ends after Sector 0-3 , so 4 , but Test says in the first Line

    something from 0 1 2 3 4 , so total 5 , go on with testing to unbrick later .

    Hint for "fishfreak" look for "Ugoos unbrick guide" on big G , really would post a link , but i can not

    paste with Chrome inside this Side , strange .

    greetings / gefattern


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      Thanks guys, but I think I overstated my situation in that the device is probably not bricked, just stuck in boot. I originally posted here:


      • trebor
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        The tool above is what you need to reflash

        load firmware
        Detect box and hit restore...
        Pretty much it..

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      Originally posted by fishfreak View Post
      Thanks guys, but I think I overstated my situation in that the device is probably not bricked, just stuck in boot. I originally posted here:
      Thanks trebor , I hoped it would be something simple.

      Will any male to male USB cable suffice?


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        Yep should be fine we hope,
        match the colours...
        Not sure what one is the OTG port on that box not flashed at a guess one closest to the power USB 4

        Keep details and will post your results..
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          Will do, thank you.

          Is there a way to identify the OTG port once the box is connected?


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            Yes the connected devices last image of batch tool above will go yellow Number 1
            hit restore, should all happen...
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