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TWRP Recovery for Rockchip devices

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  • TWRP Recovery for Rockchip devices

    A new TWRP 3.1.1-0 build for Rockchip RK3328 is available for testing here: TWRP3_RK3328-3.1.1-0.img

    On Rockchip devices, the offset to the bootloader message block in the /misc partition is 16384, rather than the usual zero or 2048. Unfortunately, support for BOARD_RECOVERY_BLDRMSG_OFFSET is broken pending a pull request that I've submitted.

    Also, there are about a dozen or so command-line arguments (wipe_data, wipe_cache, update_package, etc.) defined in Recovery.cpp, but Rockchip felt the need to add a custom one of their own, "wipe_all". I had to make some tweaks to twrp.cpp after the get_args() call to support that. Remember, the Rockchip RK33 bootloader calls recovery directly with this "wipe_all" command-line argument as part of the factory setup after flashing new firmware, so this really needs to be right or you'll end up with a TWRP boot loop.

    And for those brave souls who want to make changes or build for other Rockchip devices, I've provided the source on GitHub here:

    If you spot any issues, please let me know via PM.

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    Just FYI, I updated the build in the link above to remove the damn TWRP App install prompts. I just find them annoying, in a very Microsoft kind of way.