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Possible solution to improve wifi or fix existing issues.

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  • Possible solution to improve wifi or fix existing issues.

    I came across this site, when I was trying to solve boot issue on my rk3128 yesterday, it was a success after a full 1 day spent on issue.

    Coincidentally I had been looking into a wifi module for arduino (electronic development board/kit) for hobby projects and I found out that rockchip devices which are made in china, happened to use the exact same wifi chip I have been searching projects for. No wonder these mini pcs are so cheap, wifi module cost $1 on ****. I know a way to increase flash memory inside the wifi chip and I was wondering does re-flashing a rockchip tv player also re-flashes the memory inside wifi module? If so than I can easily replace the 512kb flash memory with a 16MB or less flash memory for $2 only and it might solve/improve wifi signal?

    Has this been done before, is there any past attempts made to improve wifi in such a way? I will first research and see if I can back up the data stored in the flash memory of the wifi chip and than only I will perform this to see if it helps with increasing wifi quality. The wifi module is capable of working flawlessly upto 500meters without an antenna (youtube proof), with an antenna it reaches far more distance. So surely it should affect the quality for bad or for best.
    Update, just checked my usb version, seems like its missing esp wifi module instead realtek wifi module is used. The below picture is of a tv box that uses rk3128 chip, and has the esp wifi module with Winbond serial flash chip that can be replaced to increase the flash memory for wifi. I thought all rockchip devices use esp wifi module.

    My device- A USB stick tvplayer mk809 IV with RK3128 1gb 8gb Android 4.4 Kitkat. I can help you solve boot issues of this device.
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    rockchip 3128 with esp wifi module and Winbond serial flash chip
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      this is a RK3188T Model.

      nice Day