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Andoer TV box (RK3128, 2GB, 16GB, board G_918 V1.2) ... brick

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  • Andoer TV box (RK3128, 2GB, 16GB, board G_918 V1.2) ... brick

    Andoer TV box (RK3128, 2GB, 16GB, board G_918 V1.2) ... brick

    I had bricked this TV box with installing wrong firmware.┬*Latest stock firmware 4.4.4 from 20151111 had some issues so I tested another.
    After installing rom_1469181803545_127.img device is bricked.
    I get into MASK ROM mode, see MASK ROM device in applicaton (ROM_Dumper_Tool.exe, RKBatchTool.exe). I can load several firmwares IMG into these app, but any operation in those apps dont work.
    Before flashing was storage good.

    Could anybody help me? Thank you.

    12:18:33 042┬*┬* ┬***********Upgrade Start Total<1>**********
    12:18:33 057┬*┬* ┬*<Layer 1-4> Download Boot Start
    12:18:33 126┬*┬* ┬*<LAYER 1-4> ERROR:Boot_VendorRequest-->DeviceIoControl failed,Total(10654),Sended(0),bRet(0),err(31)
    12:18:33 126┬*┬* ┬*<LAYER 1-4> ERRORownloadBoot-->Boot_VendorRequest471 failed,index(0)
    12:18:33 141┬*┬* ┬*<Layer 1-4> Download Boot Fail
    12:18:33 157┬*┬* ┬***********Upgrade Done Success<0> Fail<1> Time<125>ms**********

    13:34:58 635┬*┬* ┬*AndroidTool v2.3.0.0 start run
    13:42:13 042┬*┬* ┬*Layer<1-4>ownload Boot Start
    13:42:18 200┬*┬* ┬*<LAYER 1-4> ERROR:Boot_VendorRequest-->DeviceIoControl failed,Total(10738),Sended(4096),bRet(1),err(0)
    13:42:18 218┬*┬* ┬*<LAYER 1-4> ERRORownloadBoot-->Boot_VendorRequest471 failed,index(0)
    13:42:18 234┬*┬* ┬*Error:Layer<1-4>ownload Boot Fail

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    And could anybody export and upload somewhere stock firmware for this TV box?┬* gxt_3128-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q test-keys


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      MASKROM mode .... now OK, needed Rockchip BatchTool version 1.7, NOT 1.8.

      NOW NEED┬*gxt_3128-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q test-keys firmware or newer.