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Scishion V88 hard bricked

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    Hello please help i have same problem i flashed bad firmware and i bricked my device when i connect power cable its light red and when i try to flash via usb cable its same i push av and connect usb but pc dont recognize my device in pictures is my board and i dont know what pins i must short
    Thanks in advance for any answer


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      i got the same problem and the same box, if you short pins 8&9 and plug in your USB it should got to Maskrom mode. BUT, mine is in maskrom mode and i still cant get it to load a firmware. and i read short pin 29&30 and it will allow the box to be recognized by the computer... but i havent got to far as a fix for mine yet.


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        I have the same TV box. When i connect it to the usb, the androidtool 2.3 already shows "found one MASKROM device" but when i try to upload the firmware, the error is always the same "idb check error"

        You think it is a hardware error? Should i trow it in the trash?
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          i honestly cant tell you yet if its total trash of repairable i just know so far i had no luck and im being told it maybe HW damage, and all i did was unplugged my box lol. there is a new FW out , its a 7.0 android update , this FW has gone all the way to the IDB error for me. the link is on Freaktab but ill post it here encase you need it.!jYojUATK!8u7QdtWI-...93GQzAHP7zuUvE i think theres another link to but at the moment i cant locate it.