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Scishion Mars II -- AV output to older TV?

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    Scishion Mars II -- AV output to older TV?

    I have an older, non-HDMI TV that I'd like to hook up to my Mars II box. The box works fine on my newer HDMI TV. I bought an AV to RCA jack cable, and assumed I'd just plug it into the box's AV port, and plug the RCA jacks into the TV. It works, but the picture is black and white, and rapidly scrolls vertically. Something is definitely out of sync.

    Are there some settings in this box I need to adjust to get it to send the correct signal to the TV (I'm in North America, so use NTSC if that matters)?


    B&W with scrolling lines normally means the box is outputting in pal on a ntsc screen. I experienced this problem with a slightly different model V88 plus. Was not easy to switch it, I had to have the hdmi connected at the same time as the rca cable so I can see what I'm doing on the tv with hdmi port real pita...

    However once its changed it will stay that way even after powering off or rebooting it.