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HPH NT-N8 RK3229 Lollipop ROM v1.0 By mo123

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    green screen only happening with rkcodec turned on.... turned off all acceleration and all is fine


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      not only happening on live iptv 1080 but also 1080 film in phoenix morepower 5.1 hd


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        Originally posted by m1pnk View Post
        android app playing ok... its setup in kodi.... and how to loose black bar in android app ?... no down arrow ?
        I tried to hide the bottom bar but then the MM firmware doesn't boot.
        Will have to wait for the fix until early next week.
        It is still in the early stages so lots of things will still get fixed next week.
        The more bugs people report the sooner they can get fixed.
        You can post bugs, feedback in the Marshmallow firmware topic, some users might confuse it with this Lollipop firmware that is more stable.
        I will also post new Lollipop firmware soon.


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          Changelog v1.3  (24-11-2016)

          Download Link: Here
          Pass: nagrace

          - Updated launcher
          - App Market included
          - Fixed Netflix audio out of sync(still to test)
          - Wifi throughput fix
          - New Xbox Xpad driver, more compatible gamepads should work
          - Some new video playback/VPU fixes


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            Hi mo123,

            I would like to thank you for this wonderfull rom and specific the NTMC that fix all problem that I have to play video.
            But there is a small problem on my tronsmart 3288: the box reboot when I click the "poer off" option.

            Can you please help me to fix this problem ?

            Thanks in advance for your help


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              New V1.4 Firmware Released

              Download Link: Here
              Pass: nagrace

              - Fix the Google Play problem
              - Fix the SDCard error
              - Increase 3D performance, games will also benefit
              - Improve 4k video quality


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                Thank Mo on to it soon for another test run.
                Please consider
                Donating to Freaktab


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                  Anyone tested the new Lollipop firmware?
                  There are some new fixes for Marshmallow also but still waiting for some fixes like Play store compatibility and Kodi improvements.


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                    Hey, this ROM is really good you can especially notice the difference in gaming, it feels like a more expensive device. Kodi and spmc play back, local and network is perfect, playstore issue seems to be resolved. I have noticed some bugs on this rom . I was able to record on lollypop fine at 1080, but when I try to record on this ROM it freezes and only a power pull will resolve it, it's on every app I have tried, around 5 in total. is it a storage permission problem?

                    The Nagrace app store is a big plus on this device, and a working team viewer is a massive bonus.

                    I have an R Box 2GB but this NT N8 blows it out of the water, with what look like the same spec on paper!

                    I realise that recording isn't a priority for most but maybe this is a deeper storage bug that could cause other issues. I downloaded a fix permissions app and tried but it made the device reboot until another power pull.

                    Apart from what I have mentioned this is an excellent device with a very fast smooth ROM. Brilliant work Mo

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                      Originally posted by S.W.A.T View Post

                      Thank you very much my friend
                      Is very strange what you said... you posted a 5.1.1 for MX4 somewhere
                      I own that beauty which is MX4... and believe me, I've tested all possible 5.1.1 for RK3229, no matter what WIFI chip (in fact there are 3 different WIFI chip for the same device).
                      And yours is by far the best android 5.1.1 for the device. It's marked REDBEAN (some unknown Singapore dealer), fully compatible and everything works fine.
                      It has some glitches, which an android expert can easily solve (I'm a tester, not a developer) ... in fact, this ROM work faster that the original 4.4.4.

                      Give it a try!!!
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                        New Marshmallow firmware released.
                        (Please post in below thread for any MM and in this thread for any Lollipop feedback)
                        If Lollipop is working fine for you stay on it as there is no need to update since Lollipop will keep being updated also.

                        Marshmallow adds new features like
                        - Using an SDCard as internal storage, so can increase the 8/16GB storage more if inserting a fast 32GB card.
                        - Better pass-through support, eg. DTSHD support in Kodi 17 beta 7 (not tested)
                        - Smoother video playback


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                          New Marshmallow firmware released
                          I would recommend to use it instead of Lollipop firmware now.

                          Changelog v1.3 03/01/2016

                          - Fix VP9 Problem
                          - Added VP9, HDR support to NTMC
                          - Real-Debrid streaming problem fixed in NTMC
                          - Add-free Youtube Playback
                          - Replaced Chrome Browser with Dolphin Browser
                          (Supports flash video playback, enable it in Dolphin Settings)
                          - Added Quick Reboot/Shutdown to launcher(Need to be root to use it)
                          - Better GUI Performance
                          - Fixed DRM support for some apps(hopefully)
                          - Updated MXPlayer, added RKGameControlSettings
                          - New Nagrace Market features
                          *Light Theme(Go to Settings to change)
                          *More App Versions
                          *Categories With Filters
                          *Updates Notifications
                          *Lots of new apps


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                            I will flash Lollipop and check Netflix.
                            It should work and if not it might just be a small problem.
                            Do you use this Netflix version -
                            and also v1.4 Lollipop firmware here? -!cUlHTAIL!4-_Qw2OS7...FwXi74fRDrCZO8 pass: nagrace

                            On Marshmallow v1.3 not the Android TV version(based on v1.3) the home and recent menu in the navigation bar and the ir remote works correctly.
                            It is something to do with the Google Android TV apps that make some buttons not work, still investigating how to fix it.
                            Android TV was just released for users to play with but it's better to use normal Lollipop or Marshmallow firmware for better compatibility.

                            There are also some new updates to Kodi/NTMC, I'll see if a new app can be made available.
                            Some of the last commits talk about better audio/video sync.

                            On Lollipop LeHome Assistant app also works as a remote control.
                            You can use it with Lollipop firmware and install it on a phone or tablet then connect to the same wifi network.
                            Here is a link to the app -!958RhTgJ!8AoU3jsBZ...8ADM-gUOg1NKEg


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                              Yup v1.4 Lollipop.
                              Do you use this Netflix version - ?
                              i used the version in the ROM. Then uninstalled and re-installed from Play store

                              Thanks Mo. I'll flash the "non-TV" MM v1.3 again and check it out.


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                                "Do you use this Netflix version -"
                                I used the version in the rom, then uninstalled it and re-installed from play store.