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Help me find the newest stock ROM for my MXQ-4K device

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  • Help me find the newest stock ROM for my MXQ-4K device

    I have an MXQ-4K box with an RK3229 chip, 1GB RAM, and a Realtek 8189FTV WiFi chip. The printing on the PCB says the board is "20151215-RK3229-BOX V4 / 2016-03-08"

    I blasted away the stock ROM for my device trying to upgrade it to a newer version of Android. I have downloaded every single RK3229 ROM I could find. Some of them won't boot past the splash screen. Some of them boot but the WiFi and Remote don't work. And some of them boot and the WiFi works, but the Remote partially works, but the buttons are mapped incorrectly. On the ROMs where the WiFi works and the Remote partially works, I tried the Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner and some of the buttons on my remote didn't even register when I pressed them, so remapping is not a viable option.

    At this point I'd like to find the latest stock ROM for this actual device. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

    I've included pictures of the box, the board, the Realtek wifi & SK Hynix memory chips, and the remote.

    Board 20151215-RK3229-BOX v4 2016-03-08 Board 20151215-RK3229-BOX v4 2016-03-08 Box Top

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    Bump. Anyone? .... anyone???


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      Might Help just found

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        Originally posted by trebor View Post
        Thanks, but with this firmware, wifi does not work and remote is partially working. It did not resolve my problem. Any other ideas?
        Do you know what model I have based on the board design or numbers printed on the PCB?


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          Not familiar with your exact model, thought it was worth a shot
          They make so many models and change WiFi and Remote just to make it more frustrating

          Have you tried the Seller of the Box, may help
          Keep on looking you will find it...other may have ideas

          Ethernet and Keyboard aint so bad, better than Nothing.

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            Can anyone else help figure out what box this is and what stock fw goes with it?

            Other ideas:
            1) Is there a way to take an existing .img and change the WiFi driver to a different one and/or change the remote configuration to a different one? I've read up on the remote configuration and I've found recommendations to change remote.conf, but I haven't found a remote.conf on any of the images that I've installed.
            2) Is there a way to figure out what remote is EXPECTED by a particular .img? Then I could just buy a new replacement remote with that IR profile.


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              remote.conf is only for roms with amlogic processors not rockchip


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                Originally posted by manu_manu4 View Post
                remote.conf is only for roms with amlogic processors not rockchip
                Ok, is there a way to modify the remote config for rockchip devices?


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                  Or is there a way to tell what remote the rockchip device is expecting? (so I can buy a replacement remote that works with the firmware I have)


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                    dmseg from the boot of this ROM shows:

                    input: 110b0030.pwm as /devices/110b0030.pwm/input/input0
                    keychord: using input dev 110b0030.pwm for fevent

                    Maybe that helps someone figure out what remote I need to buy to work with this ROM?


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                      Check this one it is 4.4.4 firmware


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                        Thanks, but that one didn't work for me either. Here's a matrix of the different FW I've tried and whether the firmware booted on my box, whether wifi worked on that firmware, and whether the remote worked/didn't work/partially worked (some buttons worked, but some didn't generate a code at all and most were mapped wrong).

                        I do remember that the original firmware on the box (that I blew away) had "R_BOX" in the name, but unfortunately I didn't capture the whole string.
                        Firmware Booted? Wifi? Remote?
                        A8L_RTL8189ETV_20160427_update N
                        A95X_R1_rtl8189es_RK3229_6.0.1_20170222 N
                        CG_ROM_MXQ-4K_20160508_STOCK20160308 N
                        CG_ROM_MXQ-4K_20160515_STOCK20160412 N
                        Dolamee D5_RK3229_rtl8189es_5.1.1_tvmc_20170106 N
                        Dolamee_D5_rtl8189es_RK3229_6.0.1_20170224 N
                        Dolamee_D5_rtl8189es_simple_tvmc_change_100_RK3229 _6.0.1_20170410 N
                        MXplus II-A-RTL8189ETV-Android5.1-20160518-update N
                        MXQ_4k_1GB_8GB_Andr_5.1_Superceleron_v1.0 N (firmware dl fail)
                        MXQ-4K_rk3229_rt8189_V2(20170224) N
                        MXR PRO N
                        NEXBOX N9_RK3229_5.1.1_20160725 N
                        NEXSMART-D32_rtl8189es_RK3229_6.0.1_20170223 N
                        update_rk3229_mx9_rt8189_20161223(mxq-4k-xgody )_r1(20170208) N
                        update_rk3229_mx9_rt8189_20161223(mxq-4k-xgody )_r1(20170223) N
                        update_rk3229_mx9_rt8189_20161223(mxqpro-xgody)_r2(20170223) N
                        update_rk3229_mx9_rtl8189_20160311 N
                        update_rk3229_mx9_rtl8189_20160530 N
                        update_rk3229_mxq4k_rtl8189_20160412 N
                        update_rk3229_mxrpro_rtl8189_20160912 N
                        update-rk3229_5.1-mxq_4k-ota_v0-20160516 N
                        update-rk3229_5.1-mxq_4k-ota_v5-20160628 N
                        update-rk3229_5.1-R_BOX_PLUS-ota_v0-20160628 N
                        update-rk3229_5.1-R_BOX-ota_v3-20160615 N
                        update-rk3229_5.1-R_BOX-ota_v5-20160624 pc update N
                        update-rk3229_5.1-R_BOX-ota_v8-20160628 N
                        ut6_1.2.0 N
                        5.0_G809_3229_L_2G_20170308_1758_20170309001 Y N N
                        6.0.1_20170213_MXQ-4K_ENG Y N N
                        7.1.2_KingboxRK-8703-7.1nv3-kodi-1225 Y N N
                        7.1_LeelboxRK-8703-7.1nv3-kodi-1225 Y N N
                        MXQ R9 RK3229 364748 20170727 Y N N
                        X1(D5)-1g8g_8189-G-20170325 Y N N
                        4.4.4_Minimal_MXQ-4K_20160504 Y N Partial
                        4.4.4_MXQ-4K_ota_20160308 Y N Partial
                        MXQ 4K 6.0 (20170522) Y N Partial
                        MXQ-4K_ota_20160308 Y N Partial
                        MXQ-4K_ota_ok_20160127 Y N Partial
                        xGody6.0.1-update786_MXQ-4K_20170407 Y N Partial
                        5.1.1_update2016.05.13 Y Y Partial
                        3229_6.0_8189fs_zhongxing_20170629_1557 Y Y Partial
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