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V88 Mars firmware Android 7.1

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    V88 Mars firmware Android 7.1

    Hi everybody,

    I have bricked my v88 mars box, but anyway I managed to enter in mask rom mode. Still cannot find a suitable firmware, every android 6 firmware I tried gave me boot failed error. The only firmware that works is an android 7 that I found on internet, but anyway after successfull loading, does not boot up the box

    The box is equipped with rk3229 and seems that only firmware with boot loader 2.37 works.

    Anyone has a suitable firmware to give me?


    I found it by myself... If someone has similar problem the only firmware I found that works and boot with my V88 is this one:!jYojUATK!8u7QdtWI-...93GQzAHP7zuUvE
    I opened a ticket on gearbest asking for original firmware... for now I had only many "pre-compiled" responses.. so.. I'm not sure they have it or want to give it to me.. They ask to return the box, but for sure it's not worth it because of high shipping fees