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Alfawise Z28 Pro Smart TV Box A7 2/16GB Dual WiFi Gig Lan BT4

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    So they lies because I got this and even in answers they told :It supports Bluetooth4.0 . !
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      How about the cannot power up issue after the TVBOX is being standby for a while, any firmware update to fix this ?


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        Thank you, trebor, for the firmware links.

        Has anyone managed to login to Android or to break into either the Rockchip or the U-Boot boot loader using the serial console?
        I have only managed to get the boot loaders' log output but unfortunately I get no further output once the Android/Linux kernel starts booting.
        I thought the baud rate might have changed but setserial says it is 1.5 Mbps as for the boot loaders.
        The situation is the same with both the stock firmware and trebor's firmware.

        I have also been unable to get Bluetooth working: it disables itself almost immediately.
        Judging from dmesg there seems to be a conflict between BT and the serial console.
        UPDATE: BT works if I unsolder my serial console. So there is clearly an interaction between them

        I should be most grateful for any help.
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          Originally posted by trebor View Post
          Do you have the 2/8 or 2/16 version ?
          only 2/16 Has BT
          Are you sure ?


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            This box not output 5.1 sound. only stereo !