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    Hi to all ,

    one month further ???

    not even a Beta , really customer friendly !!!???

    nice Day UGOOS



      Yup.... Its ok Chrome was promiced by Ricomagic in 2014 so until it happens its in beta. 7 not a easy convert.

      Hopefully soon we get some betas. Till then we wait
      Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


        Hi ,

        once more , a Month gone , will it ever come ???



          Hi Ugoos RK 3288 Users ,

          I had a small Discussion with Eugene from the Ugoos Support ,

          he pormised me that it is not the fault of Ugoos that since May

          nothing is happend , he says that Rockchip until now has 4 times

          delayed the release of the SDK .

          The last promise of Rockchip was a Release for this Month , but

          until now nothing .

          The Production of the UT5Pro , shall start in the next Year , at the

          Moment they still testing Board and Rom .

          We only can hope that Rockchip will finish the SDK and release it .

          this was the latest Info , all we can do is (smoke shit) sit and wait .

          have a nice Day / greetings / gefattern


            Hi to all ,

            found this :


            and "Eugene" from Ugoos promised that RK did nothing .

            It looks like that this was a "BIG LIE" from Ugoos , or do i

            read something on this Page , wrong .

            THANKS UGOOS for your truly ROM Support , why should

            anybody still buy a Ugoos Box if he reads this ???

            greetings / gefattern


            • scooter2014
              scooter2014 commented
              Editing a comment
              Rockchip released that sdk with poor issues and no graffic support. That's why none have released for any device. Not lies they all waiting on sdk it's rockchip not manufactures.... sounds like it may still be in the works. But then again Chrome for same device promiced in 2014 lol.... only one device runs it but it's out now lmao.... there rumblings of good things coning to 3288/3368... but it's rockchip so I never hold my breath

            Hi to all ,

            i think you are right i am no Dev. , hope RK will release A7 and A8 for our SOCs ,

            all we can do is sit and wait .

            greetings / gefattern


              Hi ,

              if i look to the link i posted in #20 , i really cant understand why RK3288 not already has ,

              at least , MM , the User "KrisFei" from there must know alot of this stuff , really stupid .

              greetings / gefattern