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Recovery via FN Button on AM1?

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  • Recovery via FN Button on AM1?

    My situation is a bit odd as I am running 006 ugoos firmware on my Tronsmart S95 Telos. They seem pretty much clones and the ugoos fw is much more stable. But one thing I am noting is that using the FN button during power on seems to NOT get me into recovery of any type. While on the Tronsmart fw, this got me into recovery. And if there is a file called recovery.img on the external sd while doing this, it would use that - a nice quick way to get into TWRP. This doesn't work for me now at all. So I am wondering if anyone else has the same problem? And if so, is there some work around. And if you are using real ugoos hardware as well as fw, does this work for you? Thanks!