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ZIDOO X10 Android 6.0 OpenWRT(NAS) Realtek RTD1295 4K 10Bit Blu-ray 2G/16G SATA AC WIFI Gig LAN USB3.0 BT

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    ZIDOO X10 Android 6.0 OpenWRT(NAS) Realtek RTD1295 4K 10Bit Blu-ray 2G/16G SATA AC WIFI Gig LAN USB3.0 BT

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    General Model: X10
    Material: Aluminium
    Display: VDF display
    Shell: Aviation Aluminum alloy case
    Hardware & OS OS: Android 6.0 + OpenWRT(NAS) dual system run simultaneously
    CPU: Realtek RTD1295 ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core with floating-point unit and NEON SIMD engine embedded
    GPU: ARM T820 MP3(3-core)
    Memory: 2GB DDR3
    Internal Storage: 16GB eMMC
    Communication Wifi Connectivity: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11AC,4.900 GHz ~ 5.845 GHz (5.0 GHz ISM Band) RTK8821 dual-band WIFI
    Ethernet: 1*RJ-45 Ethernet Jack (10/100/1000Mbps)
    Bluetooth: BT4.0
    Media HDMI Out: HDMI2.0a with HDCP 2.2 output, Support 4K@60fps Support HD Audio(7.1CH), support 23.976 and 29.94
    HDMI In: HDMI2.0 with HDCP 2.2 input, support PIP, HDMI IN stream recode and stream output via UDP etc...
    Video decode: HDR, 10-bit HEVC/H.265 up to 4K @ 60fps, VP9 up to 4K @ 60 fps, H.264 up to 4K @ 24 fps, automatic frame rate switching
    Audio decode: Support HD audio(7.1ch) decode and passthrough Redesigned Native player,Blu-ray better compatibility, Powerful subtitles, Support MVC ISO,MVC MKV. Built in ZDMC(Base on kodi 16.0)
    Interface 1 * USB3.0
    2 * USB2.0
    1 * TF card reader SD card interface . Support 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
    1 * IR receiver
    1 * Composite video and audio port (Cvbs output)
    1 * S/SPDIF (2CH, 5.1CH)
    2 * External high-gain Antenna
    1 * HDD BAY
    1 * DC IN
    Power 12V/3A
    Package Contents 1 x Media player
    1 x Remote control
    1 x HDMI cable
    1 x Power adapter(A right power adapter will be sent as your shipping country
    1 x Standard A/V cable
    1 x User manual
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    New Firmware v1.4.4

    1, Add 1080P25 resolution option.
    2, Fix the issue that virtual keyboard doesn't appear when air mouse connected.
    3, Fix a format error that occurs when you try to format a TF or Udisk or hard drive.
    4, Fix the issue that no HDMI display after repetitious plug in and out HDMI.
    5, Optimize the fluency of playback from the very beginning of an online video in some certain APPs.
    6, Fix the incorrectly display when switch between different live channels in some certain APPs.
    7, Fix the issue that a playing episode interruptedly switch to the next episode in some certain APPs.
    8, Fix the issue that no respond occasionally in some certain APPs.
    9, Fix the issue of USB audio switch.
    10, Fix the issue that the status of Downmix 5.1 doesn't be save after restart.
    11, Improve the compatibility of camera, support 1080P camera.
    12, Improve the compatibility of Bluetooth, support Bluetooth mouse better.
    13, Enable a new online player - nuplayer which will improve streaming media playback.
    14, Fix the blurred display when enter some APPs.
    15, Improve the algorithms of anti-aliasing, denoting and edge sharpening.
    16, Improve the rendering effect, Enhanced the sharpness and clearness.

    1, Fix the failure function of 'Repeat all' in play mode.
    2, Expand the time-shifting range of subtitle to 10 mins.
    3, Optimize the synchronicity of subtitle and audio.
    4, Add a menu prompt when pause the playback.
    5, Add the display of time when pause the playback.
    6, Optimize the function of download of subtitles.

    Blu-Ray function:
    1, Fix the issue that the movie no longer is played after quit by press home key.
    2, Add the function that switch region code by press num-key 1, 2, 3.
    3, Add auto switching of frame rate for 23.976 and 24.
    4, Add auto-downloading of subtitles function.
    5, Add 3D Blu-Ray menu function.
    6, Add switching chapter by press page down & page up.
    7, Optimize the effective and compatibility of Blu-Ray playback with BD menu.

    Quick settings:
    1, Add a setting of Blu-Ray region code.
    2, Add a wifi hotspot setting.

    File manager:
    1, Add a setting for manually refresh
    2, Fix the issue that the ISO files don't appear in Videos column.
    3, Fix the incorrectly display of progress bar when copying a large file.
    4, Fix the error which occurs when you open a CUE file.

    1, Optimize the sharpness of poster.
    2, Add category of 4K and 3D.
    3, Improve the UI of the video manager and the movie's page.
    4, Add an IMDB search function in the movie's page.

    1, Fix some Temp value don't follow the switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    2, Add cities list

    1, Add a password confirms when set the password of APP lock.


    Problem above with try Below
    This is an .img file and needs to be installed buy pushing reset
    MD5 of zip file:ddf93e90071262fef0809b5434bc7ce8
    MD5 of img file:3845274590fe666c9ff62dd3bba6060b

    How to upgrade

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      v1.4.6 for ZIDOO X10


      1,Fix the issue that flv streaming is not playable.
      2,Adjust the accuracy of IR receiver.
      3,Fix the error of playback in APE music.
      4,Fix the issue that stream get stuck in some streaming apk.
      5,Optimize the transmission of USB 3.0.
      6,Fix the issue that the sata hard-disk can't be read after the wake-up of box.
      7,Fix the unexpected displaying of loading infomation when stream Iqiyi videos.
      8,Fix the issue that the box can't be wake up when USB 3.0 is connected with a usb stick.
      9,Fix CEC failure after wake up the box.
      10,Fix display failure when HDMI IN comes with 1080i video source.
      11,Optimize the system stability.
      12,Fix the problem in the simultaneity of audio and video in a certain App
      13,Improve the compatibility of rtsp and rtmp streaming
      14,Fix the black screen problem occasionally happens to a certain App
      15,Fix the error happens to continuous switching channels in a certain App
      16,Fix the failure to get audio tracks from online videos by system video player
      17,Fix the black screen occuring to some receivers when the Deep Color is set to Auto , Color Space is YCbCr444 and resolution is 4K@23.976 in the meantime.
      18,Fix the problem unexpected reboot during standby mode
      19,Nuplayer support Dolby and DTS passrough(Online stream)


      1,Improve the experience of operating progress bar.
      2,Fix the reading issue of BDMV titles.
      3,Optimize the shortcut keys for switch audio tracks and subtitles.
      4,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be download.
      5,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be displayed properly.
      6,Fix the issue some mkv files display two subtitles at the same time.
      7,Fix the malfunction of bookmark.
      8,Improve the playback of UHD bluray movie.

      1,Fix the listing information of some APE and FLAC can't be read out.
      2,Fix the failure to fetch the singer information for some songs.
      3,Display the CUE list playing
      4,Save the song played last time and itís process.
      5,Add CUE support for WAV and DTS.

      1,Add a Auto23.976/24 for 4K switch
      2, Add a switch between Nuplayer and Dvdplayer for online videos playback

      File manager
      1,Improve some translation
      2,Fix the malfunction of classification.

      1,Fix the movie don't pause when press the OK key for the first time in the playback.

      Shortcut key
      1,Add delete key and multitasks function

      1,Fix the problem the videos wonít be played if you add a root path of NFS.

      1,Support more languages.

      Full_OTA_Package(User data wonít be wiped.):

      MD5: 642876329015AA23BFBCDEF5F8520048

      How to upgrade


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          New firmware v2.0.34 beta version for ZIDOO X10 release

          Change Log

          Update list:
          1. Fixed the problem that the bluetooth will turn on automatically when starting up
          2. Fixed the color exception of HDMI IN recording
          3. Fixed random crash problem when playback video
          4. Repairing playback 4K HDR and 10bit output, some TVs have minor color banding problems
          5. Fixed the original blu-ray disc audio drop problem of individual special playlists (Seamless Branching )
          6. Optimized system stability

          Wall poster
          1. Added children lock dynamic locking function
          2. Modified child lock description
          3. Fixed the problem that the rating of individual films cannot be obtained
          4. Added the mandatory password change function (set - child lock interface, focus on the unlock button, and then press "menu 21000" to page out password change interface)
          5. Optimization matching (for example, speed and passion 1 match to 10)
          6. Added the "mark as seen" function
          7. Added batch operation functions for collection, viewing records and unwatched categories
          8. Solved the problem that douban cannot get stills photos
          9. Adjust the welcome screen UI
          10. The main interface does not match the classification to increase the batch deletion function
          11. Fixed the problem that whether the network equipment is connected or not and judge the error
          12. Repair the problem that the equipment cannot be connected normally after starting up occasionally
          13. Optimized memory footprint and improve fluency
          14. Added edit mode
          15. Fixed the problem that the poster interface of the children's zone was not refreshed
          16. Added page turning function (page turning key or number 2 and number to the main interface
          17. Video number and matching success data information are added to the device interface
          18. Device management interface adds scanning progress prompt
          19. Fixed the problem of missing unmatched video caused by manual stop scanning

          1. Fixed the problem that video did not close when playing, press the HOME button video
          2. Download the subtitle interface to add the film name prompt
          3. The default mode of playback is all cyclic playback
          4. Optimized subtitle display
          5. Optimized subtitle download and increase the matching success rate
          6. Optimized the subtitle adjustment interface
          7. Optimized playback stability

          Blu-ray navigation
          1. Synchronized the subtitles of local players
          The control center
          Fixed some translations
          Music player
          1. Modified the issue of SACD audio crash in the playback part
          2. Modified and open the music player when starting up the machine to play SACD music, and the problem of playing SACD music needs to be selected twice
          3. Increased the playback SACD audio sampling rate to 176.4Khz

          File manager
          1. Solved the problem of too long loading time into the list interface
          2. Fixed the flash back problem of SMB password with special characters
          3. Selected video file to open by default

          Quick settings
          1. Added SACD audio processing switch
          2. Added HDD sleep function
          3. Fixed HDMI output mute switch

          Download =

          MD5: 37116FB2E46D94256B8468FEEA71E7D0

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