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New firmware v1.4.12 version for ZIDOO X10 release

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    New firmware v1.4.12 version for ZIDOO X10 release

    1,Optimized color space.
    2,Fixed a issue that TrueHD audio was not supported by ZDMC.
    3,Fix AVS+ format video can't play


    1,Added PGS subtitle position adjustment.
    2,Added some functions into NumPad keys.
    3,Added function that DVD can be played as a folder.
    4,Fixed some special-effected SUP subtitles stutter.
    5,Fix some videos can't fast forward
    6,Fix films' info can't be fetched when enter detail UI for the second time.
    7,Update some Spanish language

    1,Added a switch (Audio output native sampling rate) to force output with native rate and avoid EDID.
    2,Added a HDMI range setting to choose different color space range.
    3,Added a switch to choose the mode of VFD display when playing a video.

    Picture manager:
    1,Speed up the display of pictures.
    2,Added more slide effects.
    3,Added a option to view the details of picutres.
    4,Added a option to delete pictures.
    5,Add a option to play music.

    File manager:
    1,Optimized Favorite function.
    2,Fixed some UI which couldn't refresh automatically.
    3,Display the files immediately when choose to display hidden files.

    Blu-ray menu
    1、Added PGS subtitle position adjustment.
    2、Added Spanish translation.

    Music Player:
    1,Speed up getting playlist
    2,Fix the crash when select the last song
    3,Fix the crash when current songs' too many

    Full_OTA_Package(User data won’t be wiped.):

    MD5: 69C82D4FF128407ADAAC4541F9739BA4

    How to upgrade

    X10 IMG:

    How to flash X10 IMG[ld]XQnOt03YTBKKmVViAFMcQ==.html
    Source: Zidoo
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