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    power supply

    Hello guys
    I have to buy a new power supply
    I do not know the size of the connector
    can you help me
    thank you

    Could be either as they can vary what they use(whats on the shelf) when the units are made
    What Model Zidoo box is it
    Please consider
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      The easiest route is to buy a universal power supply that will deliver the right amount of voltage and amps for your box that comes with a selection of connectors that tend to comply with all the popular standards.

      Cheap as chips on **** and very versatile.
      MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH


        Oddly enough not all boxes have a proper plug on the power adapter for the current rating.

        Example... my Mini M8S Pro-C has a proper plugin for 2A use, and comes with 2A power adapter with a proper 2A plug.

        My replacement 3A adapter has a 3A plug which fits looser on boxes with a 2A plug-in, because the box's 2A plug in has a smaller diameter pin inside.

        My H96 Pro Plus has a 3A plug-in and comes with a 2A power adapter with a 3A sized plug.

        So, I imagine it's hit and miss with power adapters. If the plug fits loosely your going to have limited power even though you have a good adapter. I bet there are plenty of good adapters being tossed, because of unmatched plugs to the boxes.

        So to put it simply, boxes with a 2A plug-in will allow a 3A plug, but will not properly power the box, by the loose connection to the center pin. The pin has less contact by its diameter.

        If a box has a 3A plug-plug-In, a 2A plug will not fit because the pin diameter is too big to allow it to slide in.