Microsoft Mail Accounts not Working


We like to Inform you, that we can not Send Mailīs to Microsoft Mail Service.
This means User with an E-Mail Account @ Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc. will
not receive any Mails from us.
This is not our fault, we are in Contact with them but so far no Answer.
We will let you know when the Issue is fixed!

Freaktab Admin Team
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Article: android firmwiremod v2.0 Beta 1 [Updated] for Hisense Sero 8

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  • Article: android firmwiremod v2.0 Beta 1 [Updated] for Hisense Sero 8

    You can view the page at
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    where can I post an article?


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      Hi Guys wishing you and your families well wishes, Now my question is I have a Emotiva Fusion 8100 receiver and yes it has Bluetooth, now I have brought The Pipo x8 dual mini tv/ computer box, which I have going Hdmi to in on my receiver and the output of my recevier going to my Lg 75u projector. But I have an AudioSource 200 EQ hook-up to it thats not giving me any equalization, I have only one option which is to send the signal to my receiver through the ear-phone jack to the receiver and I'am still not getting any equalization, Kindly tell me what I can do to rectify this situation Please. or is there a firewall that I can install or something. Thanks in Advance