Microsoft Mail Accounts not Working


We like to Inform you, that we can not Send Mailīs to Microsoft Mail Service.
This means User with an E-Mail Account @ Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc. will
not receive any Mails from us.
This is not our fault, we are in Contact with them but so far no Answer.
We will let you know when the Issue is fixed!

Freaktab Admin Team
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TTronfy Ubox R89 Rk3288

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  • TTronfy Ubox R89 Rk3288

    Hello I am Spanish I am using the translator gogle Why I can not understand well The model I am using is the Tronfy Ubox R89 rk3288 chip Rockchip 2GB of RAM and 8GB of 4k Rom Here is the link I put model if they want to see Until yesterday I've been using the device without problems But the lock and then restart it , not pass the screen that puts google tv . Before he arrived and started with a screen which placed android but now does not reach there Is there any way to make a factory reset and leave ? You may somehow enter the recovery ? Thanks I hope your answers .