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Creating backup image of android stick ?

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  • Creating backup image of android stick ?

    Hi everybody ,
    I want to create a backup image of Android tv stick MK3066 (rooted) to create a replica for my other 50 devices (Same model) .
    I want to use same apps and setting on all of my device. Can any body help me . how I can do this?

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    Shows a bunch of tools..that can backup and flask nand partitions (I prefer rkflashkit for Linux)


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      First of all thank you very much for help and quick response mitchell4you . There is one other request the link you sent me conatin how to deploy backup. Does is contain how to create backup ?


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        Hi there...if this wud help...just get a usb flash disk n copy in it the original work u want to backup with help from either device's filemanager or u download es filemanager. Just keep on copying n pasting your work in all devices...atleast this might be the simplest n easiest method n it definitely works everytime...if you looking for backup from any cloudfare storage i advice to forget it...Since u migjt just waste time since most cloud storages like dropbox or mega uses encryption so the work you stored there even with the same username always gets u an empty box bcos most of them have communication issues....
        I advice the USB method...iy works everytime...Goodluck