Microsoft Mail Accounts not Working


We like to Inform you, that we can not Send Mailīs to Microsoft Mail Service.
This means User with an E-Mail Account @ Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc. will
not receive any Mails from us.
This is not our fault, we are in Contact with them but so far no Answer.
We will let you know when the Issue is fixed!

Freaktab Admin Team
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  • Abdul_PT

    I Would Like to Personally Thank Abdul_PT for all his Help in the Last week.

    Long story short the hardware in a shipment of boxes was different then what was expected, Breaking my custom firmware.

    I contacted Abdul_PT for help and Abdul was able to Create compatible firmware (created backwards compatibility for the older hw units)

    Abdul was also able to make some things possible for me that were not possible for me before.

    Abdul_PT you saved my investment this week and I Truly thank you for that.