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assistance identifying Android box. mbox mxIII 4k

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  • assistance identifying Android box. mbox mxIII 4k

    Hello all. I'm hoping someone can help identify my Android box. I like to tinker with things like this, but am unable to find a starting point.

    The box by name is mbox mxIII 4k. I have provided photos of the box and board.

    Would love to know where to start with this box. I would like to flash a custom recovery if that is even a option, then look into what roms and/or Linux varients are available.

    Thanks all.

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    Hi bloodgnome ,

    you can try this here i think it is right :

    but please first check if it is really a S802 Box ??? and ask once more there.

    good luck




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      Thanks for the reply.

      How would I go about checking if it's a s802 box?


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        Got some more information on my mx3. I remember where i ordered it and followed the link in order history and got the follwing info. The picture from the site states it is a 802.

        MXIII M82 Quad Core KitKat Cortex A9 ARM Mali - 450 4K Android 4.4 5GHz WiFi Bluetooth TV Box 2GB DDR3 RAM 8GB ROM Support Max 32GB Capacity

        Now I am looking for a compatible twrp image from but nothing jumps out to me as compatible. Suggestions. Thanks


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          It's look like you have mx3 clone box.The recovery can not be booted like android phone.The twrp recovery can only be booted from sd card using sd card method.
          Download amlogic sd card maker from this link

          in choose disk choose your sd card (the sd card must be connected to usb card reader and plugged to pc and in the options choose your bin files you must choose u-boot that you have inside this zip from google drive and check partitation and format yes and click make.

          After this you must download twrp recovery and rename recovery example from my box i have tested this I have downloaded and renamed twrp recovery from TWRP_M8.img to recovery.img and i have sended to sd card and i have putted 3 other files aml autoscript ,factory update param.aml and u-boot.bin from zip from google drive .

          After putting the files to sd card i have putted the sd card to android box (the android box must be powered off) and with toothpick pressing on reset button on the back of the android box and holding the power button ,the box will boot to twrp recovery.


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            It is the same pcb as mine, but i didn't succeded to resurect it.... no boot, no hdmi signal, only red light, on usb tool it stop on 2 % on every img i've used...even with sd card uboot didn't work...i'll try the method above. Thanks


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              done, same result.... unchanged box...


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                my mxq box is not booting up just the blue light is staying on not happening


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                  Mine went to recycle bin...