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The Ataribox Console what is it?


  • The Ataribox Console what is it?

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    Somewhat unexpectedly, we've got our first look at Atari's new console.
    The video game company recently showed us a few pictures of the "Ataribox," and the few details that we do have raise,
    even more, questions than we had before.
    The box has four USB ports, a slot for an SD card, HDMI, and ethernet. A newsletter from Atari promises that it will play "classic"
    as well as "current" content and that it will come with "modern internal specs."
    What that means, at the end of the day, is anybody's guess: all three of those phrases come with what you might call a wide degree of interpretation.

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    At first blush, the Ataribox would seem to be an obvious attempt to ride the coattails of the mini NES Classic Edition and cash in on what we could now call a retro gaming hardware craze. The more we learn, however, the more it's clear that it's something different entirely. This is evident right from the form factor: while the NES Classic Edition sought only to recreate the shape of the original console in a more compact package, the Atarixbox seeks to recreate the feeling of the original console with modern flair. That's in line with the idea that the machine will also play "current" content, though again that could mean really anything.
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