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review of Tenvis IP camera


  • review of Tenvis IP camera

    Hello, I have recently been asked to review the Tenvis wireless network camera .

    Iíve been curious about this type of camera for sometime now . Iíll have to say I was surprised

    Of the quality of this little guy . Itís so straight forward and easy to use this review almost writes itself. Itís nice because you can view in real time and it provides a very clear picture.

    It came packaged nicely and very straight forward in itís instructions. The first thing I noticed was the short power cord. It seems as if it would have a longer cord so you would be able to plug it in more easily. Say if you want to put it outside your home somewhere you would not want someone to be able to unplug it. It comes with a mounting bracket which you can place anywhere and have the camera even mounted upside down.under the eve of your house for example. So if need be you can replace the plug with a longer one .

    It has a USA compatible plug ,the mounting bracket and instruction manual. The instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to understand for the first time user.

    It was nice to see that the setup and install was simple and not a nightmare like somethings are. So letís get into the setup ... you are instructed to plug the camera in and when you hear

    the tone you know itís ready . Then you need to go to google play or the app store (yes it is android and IOS compatible)

    Download the (TENVISTY) app which there are a few that come up and can be a bit confusing if you donít pay attention. There is also a QRcode to scan and get the app as well. The camera has full range of motion and can be mounted just about anywhere . It is either WIFI compatable or you can hard wire it as well.It has infrared for night time viewing ( shot below with no light in room). Very clear picture as you can see. Motion sensor capable is also very nice .
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2018-09-23-13-42-01.png Views:	1 Size:	410.1 KB ID:	747962
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20180917_155634874_HDR.jpg Views:	1 Size:	112.7 KB ID:	747960Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20180917_155456105_HDR.jpg Views:	1 Size:	102.5 KB ID:	747961 there are only a few items to deal with .

    It is compatible all the way back to android 4.4. Not sure about IOS. It has an SD card slot for recording video. It has the capablity to record and take screenshots from the app itself. Here is a screenshot from within the app. It takes video and pictures in HD which so far have been nice. This is a product that actually does what it says . Makes for an easy review because of the simplicity of the device . have seen some people on the play store leave bad reviews of the app but I have not had any reason to see anything bad with it. They would complain of not connecting and various other things . I have had no such trouble . probably bad WIFI was most of their issue.

    When your using the app you just slide your finger to move the camera where you want it and it also has two way sound . I will have to say this is a really nice product for the money .It is very affordable and well built with all the right things in place for what it is .I have not had any issue connecting to the camera or noticed any problems when I have been offline from the camera and reconnecting like some of the reviews of the app I have read.

    My family has had no issue using the camera app from their phones (both android and apple). Even when there is several devices pulling from the WIFI . This is a very good product and very affordable. So if your in the market for something like it then this is the one . Here are some links for the camera and a chance to win a discount. How can you go wrong? A chance to win one .

    So thanks for hanging with me and I hope you get this camera and enjoy it as much as My family and I have .

    There is only one entry per visit each day

    Ending is oct.31st. Thanks again!

    Mike Anderson (tattman65)

    Moderator,artist for
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