OUKITEL Mid Year Flash Sale Kicks Off

We all know OUKITEL is known for its large battery smartphones, but in fact, OUKITEL also releases affordable phones with well-designed appearance and relatively good performance....

[OPENSOURCE] Amlogic tools [Rebuild/Revamped][Customization Tool]

So, AMlogic have a horrible way of dropping support for their tools.
Decided to make a few of my own. More stable, more efficient and OPEN SOURCE!
Also, with the versions of the tools, i decided...

The 10000mAh OUKITEL K7 is getting the first hands on video, full specs confirmed

As the 5th monster battery smartphone of OUKITEL, OUKITEL K7 is worth waiting not only because of its long-lasting battery, but also its decent specs and price. K7 will go...

OUKITEL Mix 2 - Curvings and Edges

The Oukitel Mix 2 is one of the clones of the Xiaomi Mix2. A remarkable Design, curvings and edges just in the right place, not a lightweight at all, because of the metal...

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  • Shayolghul
    MK809III - Adding an external antenna

    I currently have a MK809III and I really hate the current WiFi reception I have on it.

    Even after opening the casing and changing the antenna location the signal is extremely...
    09-12-2014, 22:41
  • Javimetal
    OTT-928 TV Box RK3288 - 2GB RAM - 16GB Storage (pre-order available)
    This is the new Android TV Box OTT-928. It mounts the RK3288. Pre-order is open, shipping begins from (around) JUL 20th.

    It has a 5mpx camera, Android 4.4, SoC RK3288, WiFi 2.4G/5G + Bluetooth,...
    06-25-2014, 09:27
  • Spotopolis
    Looking for a TV Stick with 2 Antennas
    Is there any current gen (quad-core and at least 2GB ram) TV Stick that has 2 external antennas? I have the T428 and it has a single internal antenna. Even though it has a chip that supports 802.11AC,...
    03-20-2014, 06:07
  • rodentkj
    Pipo M9 Pro wifi antenna modification instructions
    Note: Your mileage may vary. This is just my personal experience and outcome. If you are not comfortable with a soldering iron and electronics you best not attempt this modification.

    12-03-2013, 07:25
  • martok
    mk808c where is the antenna?
    So I have an mk808c with the Allwinner A20 chip. It works okay, but the wifi signal is very poor. Unlike what I've seen in pictures for other mk808 models, this one has no antenna wires soldered on...
    10-11-2013, 13:02
  • Leela
    QC802 broken/horrible bluetooth
    I got a new QC802 just today and noticed that bluetooth is just downright horrible. I cant type or use a mouse properly unless im within a radius of about 20cm of the device and even then it tends to...
    09-04-2013, 16:06
  • hamsteyr
    [Wifi-MOD] UG802 Wifi Antenna Mod.
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forums (but not android) and I thought that I'd just share my current mod that I have, so that you guys can try it out too, if you have stable hands and patience. By working this...
    05-16-2013, 14:23