ZIDOO Z9S Android + OpenWrt Media Player

G’day all,
Today’s box of Multimedia Pleasure for your viewing is the Zidoo Z9S latest model using the RTD 1296 chip

All alloy case:
New upgraded Realtek 1296 Quad-core 64 A53 processor, 2G memory, 16GB eMMC super-large built-in storage, gigabit cable, 802.11ac 2T2R 867Mbps WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1.

Lots of Ports:
SATA 3.0*2, USB 2.0*2, USB 3.0*2, Fiber optic *1, CVBS output *1, RS232*1, HDMI OUT 2.0a *1, HDMI IN 2.0*1

A Remote to Die for,
Full-function backlight learning remote control

To see more of this Fine Piece of Hardware and what it can do, 

Click on over to Freaktab for a look see

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