OUKITEL is Releasing a New Gradient Colored Phone

This year in smartphone field, in addition to notchdisplay, another hot feature for mobile phones should be “gradient color”.Among full display smartphones, Huawei P20 Pro first launched a twilight colorwhich reflects the flow of color and make an impression at first sight. Manyusers have been fascinated by the dazzling colors. OUKITEL already released theflagship model U23 which has a fanciful blue to purple gradient color. NowOUKITEL is announcing a new gradient colored smartphone with wallet-friendlyprice, gorgeous design and strong performance, that is OUKITEL U25 Pro.

Unlike U23’s blue-to-purple gradient, the twilight color of U25 Pro is gradient from purple to black. When you turn the U25 Pro in different angles, purple, black and blue intertwined under different light, giving a more sense of dignity and mystery.

U25 Pro features a 5.5 inch FHD display with aresolution of 1920*1080p pixels. With a LG LCD display covered by Asahi glass, OUKITEL U25 Pro offers not only a visualfeast displaying exquisite details, but also tougher glass to protect yourphone. U25 Pro will carry an octa-core processor for powerful performance. Forthe same design, there will be two models with different specs: U25 Pro andU25. U25 Pro will get 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, while U25 will feature 3GB RAM and32GB of storage. According to OUKITEL, OUKITEL U25 Pro will go tomarket in December of this year. Both of these two models will offer asurprising cost-effective price for celebrating the coming Christmas and newyear. Though U25 not confirmed, U25 Pro will go to market first at awallet-friendly price of just $99.99. This is anticipating as most smartphoneswith octa-core and 4GB RAM are above $100. As this U25 Pro is coming thismonth, we will be able to check more details for this gradient colored smartphonesoon. 

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