Open Source Amlogic Tools V5.5.0 New Version

Last Year our Member ricky divjakovski released his Version of the Amlogic Tools to modify AML Firmware Images.
Now we have an Update to Version 5.5.0 this Version enables Support for Android 8 and more.

This Tool has the following features:

Fixes/Features –
-Removed obsolete functions
-Better tool management
-More information displayed
-Fixed changing bootanimation
-Fixed bootanimation orientation
-Added bootanimation dimensions + FPS are now shown
-Fixed displaying wallpaper
-Fixed ability to change wallpaper
-Fixed ability to display bootlogo
-Apps tab now literally shows all apps.
-Added kernel/recovery tab
-Shortcuts to open certain kernel files added
-Shortcuts to open certain recovery files added
-Ability to convert recovery to TWRP recovery
-Option to open Generic.kl(keymap) file
-Ability to add init.d support(system hook)
Abillity to compile into TWRP flashable zip
-Added option to choose wipe /data
-Added options to choose what files to write
-Faster EXT4 decompression
Faster way of splitting update package
-Partition verification added
-Ability to save as project
-Repack to USB burn img
-Change bootvideo
-Enable boot video
-DTB editor

So happy Firmware modding for all 🙂
Download here

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