EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FREE

EaseUS? Actually what it means? It is an incredible software piece of data recovery that will help IT Professionals so that they can sharp their edges. The EaseUS Data Recovery Software can recover your data from laptops, USB drives, storage devices, and memory cards.

With the strong lineup of data functions, this software is capable of meeting the needs of not only IT professionals but also non-tech professionals, and yes it is easy to handle. The EaseUS data recovery software can work with windows and also for MacOS. One can also use this software wizard to access corrupted, non-mounting and raw partitions. With its advanced features and technology, a user can also recover data from RAID Storage and servers. 

Accidental deletion and program deletion of files frequently occur in laptops. The freeware of this data recovery software allows you to recover formatted files, photos, music, and video files and archived documents. The whole process of recovery already includes 3 easy steps and almost 200+ types of differently formatted files from your iMac, MacBook, Windows and storage devices. For Windows Vista/10/8.1/8/7, the version of EaseUS Data Recovery Software is free and easily recovers up to 2GB of data. The free version of this software supports MacOS of 10.6, 10.7, 10.8…10.14 and like Windows, it also allows Mac user to recover up to 2GB data. With a paid recovery wizard, you can also use its bootable media feature one can recover unlimited files.

Other than this, the data recovery software has multiple comprehensive features for different emergency situations. Let’s have a look at them.

File supports: This EaseUS data recovery software supports more than 1000 type of different file types. Recover files from any hard drive: Don’t worry if SSD of the computer gets corrupted due to different reasons, the EaseUS software helps its users to find data again.

Accidental deletion: your data deleted accidentally? No issue, this data recovery wizard can back up your all your lost data.

Above all these, it also has some remarkable features. Such as:

  • Lost Partition recovery
  • OS crash recovery
  • Recycle Bin data Recovery
  • Formatted Disk Recovery

As far as, all these types of files, EaseUS data recovery software also can cover basic:

Archives: Rar, Stuffit, Gzip, Zip

Audio: WAV, AIFF, AAC, Ogg

Documents: PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Word

Images: JPEG, PNG, RAW, Photoshop, Illustrator Yes, the featuring list of EaseUS is quite impressive. The above mention features are available through different software packages of EaseUS. All these features have to ability to clone the hard drive of your computer and create an exceptional bootable USB or disc for the situations when your computer completely won’t start.

Data Recovery Process:

The data recovery process used by EaseUS software for Windows and Mac is not so difficult. In both, when the installation of the application is completed your next most step is to pick up the specific point for scanning.

No matter, you want to scan windows library or desktop or an external partition, this software allows you to scan every single location point in your computer. This Data recovery Wizard software will pull out you’re all delete data from the partition table. So, that you can utilize that information again.

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