OUKITEL K9 Power Consumption Challenge, 6000mAh Battery Lasts Longer Than Previous Generations

OUKITEL has been famous for their large battery smartphone K series. Especially the 6000mAh battery generations and 10000mAh battery generations. Each generation of the large battery phones have surprises and thanks to new chipset and Android OS, the actual using time have been improving all the time. The latest announced OUKITEL K9 is featuring a 6000mAh battery, but it lasts longer than the previous 6300mAh battery K6 and 6080mAh battery K6000 Plus. OUKITEL Lab tested the 3 similar battery capacity smartphones violently at brightest screen and maximum volume for 4 hours.

Video: OUKITEL K9 power consumption challenge:

In the video, it compares K9(6000mAh, Helio P35 Soc) with K6(6300mAh, MT6763 processor) and K6000 plus(6080mAh, MT6750T) by 4 ways: online music, online video, online voice call and camera recording, all in brightest display and maximum volume condition.

See the result below:

Mobile ModelPower consumption items
1 Hour Online Music playing1 Hour Online video playing1 hour Online Voice Call1 Hour Camera recording
OUKITEL K992% Left79% Left68%48%
OUKITEL K689% Left71% Left56%36%
OUKITEL K6000 Plus87% left69% Left52%30%

After 4 hours of testing, OUKITEL K9 has 6000mAh*48%=2880mAh battery left, K6 has 6300mAh*36%=2268mAh battery left and K6000 Plus has 6080mAh*30%=1824mAh battery left. This means that the 6000mAh battery of K9 prolongs nearly 50% battery using time than previous generations. This sounds incredible, but it’s the truth. After optimizing, the K9 can support 2-3 days heavy use.

K9 last longer than previous generations not only because of the Android 9.0 Pie OS, but mainly due to the new Helio P35 octa-core Soc. The helio P35 Soc is 12nm processed, Cortex A53 framework, and up to 2.3Ghz. Not only offers super performance for games and multi-tasks, but also smartly manage the battery output. According to test, OUKITEL K9 standby time could be up to 600hours, it is the most durable 6000mAh battery phone of OUKITEL until now.

OUKITEL K9 is coming by early May at the retail price of $229.99, and through subscription on OUKITEL Official website, you can get the price of $199.99 and a free screen magnifier as gift. OUKITEL will also choose 2 lucky subscribers to experience K9 for free. If you like a smartphone with large display, beautiful design and super long battery using, don’t miss this K9. Subscribe it here: http://oukitel.com/activity/activity-46.html 

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