»All you need« Smartphone Oukitel C13 Pro

Here comes another low-entry Oukitel smartphone. The first impression suggests a nice iPhone clone with the typical notch, but I don’t like this comparisons. It is for sure an entry level smartphone under 100 USD. At the moment you can get for around 80USD or in europe for 90 EU.

Lets have a look, what the basic specs can offer for this price.

Display: 6.18 inch, 480 x 996 Pixel
CPU: MT6739 Quad Core 1.5GHz
System: Android 9.0
Camera: 8.0MP + 2.0MP rear camera + 5.0MP front camera
Sensor: accelerator, light sensor, distance sensors
SIM Card: Nano SIM card + Nano SIM card / TF card
Bluetooth: 4.0
Battery: 3000mAh

For more detailed specs:

The display has a low resolution. Except of this point the screens brightness give you the chance to use the C13pro outside. The fonts seem to be bigger than normal, because of the low resolution, but in fact it looks not like “senior phone”, but it is easy to use. Youtube videos working fine. The screen touch is very responsive.

CPU and GPU Power
The Android 9 with 2 GB has not problem accomplish the job with the MTK Quad core platform. Nothing special, expept sometimes when the C13pro wake up, the device it hangs shortly for a few seconds. This could be the Android 9 or the entry level MTK power. Maybe an Android update will patch this small issue.

This phone does a good job for an entry-level phone with a quality design. Honestly I don’t like the Apple-Style-Notch. It has no advantage to the normal displays and the look is a matter of taste. You will maybe not miss the notifications in the android task bar. The battery takes you over a day for sure, maybe more. The low resolution is the weak point of this smartphone, but only when you need more for zooming or full hd videos by example. On the other side you will get a screen with fresh colours and “large fonts” with a good brightness. Basicly the C13pro could be all you need for the daily use, an well selected package for the prize.

Finally some photo with the C13pro main camera:

You can get the C13pro at the moment on Amazon.de for 90 Euro and on Aliexpress for 80 USD

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